Eve online is a very competitive game. It is hard to learn, requires a lot of time invested, and is taken very seriously as a result. There’s yelling, screaming, trolling in local, little wars, big wars and everything in between. What we sometimes forget is that there is another player on the other side of your monitor.

On December 2, 2015 we lost one of those people. Robert Adams (a.k.a. photon torpedo) was taken from us during the San Bernardino Shooting. The shooting took place during a training event and holiday party for San Bernardino County Department of Public Health when a married couple open fired into the crowd using semiautomatic weapons. Tragically, Robert was among the 14 people who were killed that day.

Described as a family man, there was nothing Robert loved more than his wife Summer and his newborn daughter Savannah. It is nothing short of a tragedy that this loving father was torn from his family in such a senseless attack. And that thought alone is rallying the community within Eve online. Except this time it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, it doesn’t matter who you’re at war with, doesn’t matter what alliance you are in or what Corp. you’ve played with. What matters now is the person on the other side of the monitor. That person who can’t have fun anymore and the family he was forced to leave behind.


An outpouring of support from the EVE Online community can be seen on Reddit, TMC, EveSkunk and many other sites. Most prominently, a GoFundMe campaign was started to assist his remaining family. We encourage all of our readers to support them in whatever way you can. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Robert’s friends and family, both online and offline. You may be gone but your memory will live on forever.

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