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Have you ever wondered if your talking chicken has a purpose aside from decoration? Found an Exquisite Key and wanted to know what the heck it unlocks? Or maybe you've stumbled across some obscure signs on your travels, and are here to find out what they're for?

Deadmonkeygaming.com is here to answer all your "Secret" quest questions! We use the term "Secret" as opposed to "Hidden," because we are not delving into the myriad "Kill 20 X monsters and get a quest complete" hidden quests.

You will find the Secret Quests categorized by Type, in separate posts. Or, use our helpful "Search" widget to search for keywords! Some of these may not seem all that "hidden" to you, but we're including everything we can think of that isn't a typical "!" zone-marked quest. First will come a hint, but if you just want the walk-through, we'll make sure you have that, too!

Be sure to post a comment if there's a specific hidden quest you need information on-- our extensive team of intrepid explorers are ready to assist!

This guide will be updated as regularly as we can, but please have patience. Our lead Explorer is frequently out of radio contact, since he continues to insist there is "no such thing," and refuses to bring the "strange black box" with him on his travels.

--Tanvar, Secretary pro-tem, Evil League of Evil

Talking Chicken

"Talking Chicken"

Purchase this "Furniture" on Mirage Isle (about 17 silver), from the AH, or smash some crates until you find one. Amuse yourself with it for a while, trying out different words like "Stupid," "friend," and "Hero." When you get tired of that...

Hint 1:
Go to Rookborne Basin in Watermist, and talk to Nene, the chicken.
(You can probably see where this is going.)

Hint 2:

Hint 3:

Hint 4:

Hint 5:


Nene The Chicken

Talking Frog

"Talking Frog"

First, of course, you need the frog. Make sure your (labor) pool is nice and healthy, and bring several hundred buckets of water with you to a contaminated well in Marcala.

Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Hint 3:


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