Get Johann's note

Haranya- Falcorth Plains

So, you want to do Adventure Quests? These are "Secret" quests (as opposed to "Hidden," which unlock when you kill X number of mobs) which require sleuthing rather than following the arrow in a quest log. In order to do these quests, you follow clues left in a zone. Many result in the precious "Exploration" proficiency, and can provide furniture items, or just a sense of accomplishment.

We decided to start at the beginning, so our first Adventure Quest Walk Through in this series is for Falcorth Plains, the Firran starting zone.

We're going to try our best to take you through the steps. Since you may only need a hint, we'll try to hide the spoilers for you, but no guarantees.

First, a Pro-tip: Open a new chat tab. In this tab, click the tab settings, and add only "Quest Dialogue" from the dialogue options, and "Quest info" from the alert options. This will keep the information given to you by the NPCs from getting lost.

In Falcorth Plains, start near the Oxion Clan, and kill Schima Crooks, Schima Escorts, and Schima Fighters. (Leave the rogues alone.)

Get Johann's Message from a dead Schima

You have Johann’s Message

Now to find Johann. The note says you'll see him when the Blackbreath caves fills with water. Using our Sherlock-line powers of deduction, we head to Blackbreath cave, northwest of our current position.
A clue?

Into the Cave

Following every RPG game device ever, you see a button. Do you push it? Well, heck yes, we push it. In this case, of course, we actually know we're supposed to push it. It's almost like cheating, really.

Find Johann in the Cave

We pushed the button, the cave fills with water. According to the note, this is when we should see... aha!

Talking to Johann

We go up to Johann, collect our +50 Exploration XP, and give him a chat. This is where our new tab comes in handy, because he doesn't give us a quest that files neatly into our log. Instead, he just tells us what to do.

Find all the things!

First up, go look for the WInd Flower. "Why?" you ask, "It's not in proper OCD order!" you exclaim. "Watch and learn, Grasshopper," I say.

You see, the Wind Flower only spawns in one location, and has a "Wind Grass" place holder. If your first spawn is a Wind Flower, you win the RNG this time, and can go on to the next. However, if it's Wind Grass, you pick the grass, go get the staff, come pick the grass again, go get the spirit, come for the grass again. After that, if it's still grass, well, you're in for a little wait. Don't worry, it's only about a five minute spawn time.

It's pretty much exactly where Johann told you it would be. You'll know you're close when you see Gladosh.

Wind Flower

Skrull’s Staff

Johann's location for the staff, "in the Achassi Den," was a little misleading. It's not near any Achassi, and it's not in a Den. Instead, go kill Shaman Skrull, in the back corner of the Hulkflesh Ravine.


Falcon Spirit

Not gonna lie; this one is a little obnoxious.

It is in the Nascent Cliffs, that part is accurate. There is probably a super clever way to use all those Earth totems and Runes to port yourself around and climb up the vines to find the right location. I, being lazy as hell, climbed up some cliffs north of its location, and used a glider to fly to it, instead. Sue me.

Falcon Spirit
Falcon Spirit- Click me!

This is it!

The conclusion of your hard work lies waiting for you at the Wind Altar in Wind's Promise. Laying the items on the altar will spawn a level 10, 2-star mob, complete with lighting effects.

Your reward:

Wind Altar

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