Get Johann's note

Adventure Quest- Falcorth Plains

Haranya- Falcorth Plains

So, you want to do Adventure Quests? These are "Secret" quests (as opposed to "Hidden," which unlock when you kill X number of mobs) which require sleuthing rather than following the arrow in a quest log. In order to do these quests, you follow clues left in a zone. Many result in the precious "Exploration" proficiency, and can provide furniture items, or just a sense of accomplishment.

We decided to start at the beginning, so our first Adventure Quest Walk Through in this series is for Falcorth Plains, the Firran starting zone.

We're going to try our best to take you through the steps. Since you may only need a hint, we'll try to hide the spoilers for you, but no guarantees.

First, a Pro-tip: Open a new chat tab. In this tab, click the tab settings, and add only "Quest Dialogue" from the dialogue options, and "Quest info" from the alert options. This will keep the information given to you by the NPCs from getting lost.

In Falcorth Plains, start near the Oxion Clan, and kill Schima Crooks, Schima Escorts, and Schima Fighters. (Leave the rogues alone.)

Get Johann's Message from a dead Schima

You have Johann’s Message

Now to find Johann. The note says you'll see him when the Blackbreath caves fills with water. Using our Sherlock-line powers of deduction, we head to Blackbreath cave, northwest of our current position.
A clue?

Into the Cave

Following every RPG game device ever, you see a button. Do you push it? Well, heck yes, we push it. In this case, of course, we actually know we're supposed to push it. It's almost like cheating, really.

Find Johann in the Cave

We pushed the button, the cave fills with water. According to the note, this is when we should see... aha!

Talking to Johann

We go up to Johann, collect our +50 Exploration XP, and give him a chat. This is where our new tab comes in handy, because he doesn't give us a quest that files neatly into our log. Instead, he just tells us what to do.

Find all the things!

First up, go look for the WInd Flower. "Why?" you ask, "It's not in proper OCD order!" you exclaim. "Watch and learn, Grasshopper," I say.

You see, the Wind Flower only spawns in one location, and has a "Wind Grass" place holder. If your first spawn is a Wind Flower, you win the RNG this time, and can go on to the next. However, if it's Wind Grass, you pick the grass, go get the staff, come pick the grass again, go get the spirit, come for the grass again. After that, if it's still grass, well, you're in for a little wait. Don't worry, it's only about a five minute spawn time.

It's pretty much exactly where Johann told you it would be. You'll know you're close when you see Gladosh.

Wind Flower

Skrull’s Staff

Johann's location for the staff, "in the Achassi Den," was a little misleading. It's not near any Achassi, and it's not in a Den. Instead, go kill Shaman Skrull, in the back corner of the Hulkflesh Ravine.


Falcon Spirit

Not gonna lie; this one is a little obnoxious.

It is in the Nascent Cliffs, that part is accurate. There is probably a super clever way to use all those Earth totems and Runes to port yourself around and climb up the vines to find the right location. I, being lazy as hell, climbed up some cliffs north of its location, and used a glider to fly to it, instead. Sue me.

Falcon Spirit
Falcon Spirit- Click me!

This is it!

The conclusion of your hard work lies waiting for you at the Wind Altar in Wind's Promise. Laying the items on the altar will spawn a level 10, 2-star mob, complete with lighting effects.

Your reward:

Wind Altar

Archeage “Secret Quest” Guides

Spoilers ahead!

Have you ever wondered if your talking chicken has a purpose aside from decoration? Found an Exquisite Key and wanted to know what the heck it unlocks? Or maybe you've stumbled across some obscure signs on your travels, and are here to find out what they're for? is here to answer all your "Secret" quest questions! We use the term "Secret" as opposed to "Hidden," because we are not delving into the myriad "Kill 20 X monsters and get a quest complete" hidden quests.

You will find the Secret Quests categorized by Type, in separate posts. Or, use our helpful "Search" widget to search for keywords! Some of these may not seem all that "hidden" to you, but we're including everything we can think of that isn't a typical "!" zone-marked quest. First will come a hint, but if you just want the walk-through, we'll make sure you have that, too!

Be sure to post a comment if there's a specific hidden quest you need information on-- our extensive team of intrepid explorers are ready to assist!

This guide will be updated as regularly as we can, but please have patience. Our lead Explorer is frequently out of radio contact, since he continues to insist there is "no such thing," and refuses to bring the "strange black box" with him on his travels.

--Tanvar, Secretary pro-tem, Evil League of Evil

Talking Chicken

"Talking Chicken"

Purchase this "Furniture" on Mirage Isle (about 17 silver), from the AH, or smash some crates until you find one. Amuse yourself with it for a while, trying out different words like "Stupid," "friend," and "Hero." When you get tired of that...

Hint 1:
Go to Rookborne Basin in Watermist, and talk to Nene, the chicken.
(You can probably see where this is going.)

Hint 2:

Hint 3:

Hint 4:

Hint 5:


Nene The Chicken

Talking Frog

"Talking Frog"

First, of course, you need the frog. Make sure your (labor) pool is nice and healthy, and bring several hundred buckets of water with you to a contaminated well in Marcala.

Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Hint 3:



I found him! He’s here! Well, he WAS here.

Winet. He was here, on this strange, green planet. Like me, he had woken up with no recollection of how he arrived. Though we began with no food, shelter, or friends, Winet quickly rectified all three lacks with his customary efficiency. I’m not sure why his energy and capabilities continue to surprise me. Within a day, we had two stout farmhouses in our possession. Within a week, we owned several small tracks of land.

An earthshake destroyed everything we’d built, in less than a fortnight.

Undaunted, we began again. And again.

It’s a bit lengthy to go into. The endless days melted together as we chopped wood, mined ores and metals, and gathered grains and other flora. Some we traded, some we used. My own contributions to our little homesteading seemed insignificant compared to his tireless efforts, but he didn’t seem to mind. Within a few more fortnights, we each had our little homes, with plentiful gardens, a little fleet of ships to take us on our trade routes overseas, mechanical haulers (laughable in comparison to the technology we were abducted from, but better than riding a foul-smelling beast of burden), and even a fishing vessel.

As we worked, I wondered how and why we were here, and what we could learn from this place to take back with us. I refused to believe we would not be going back. The new homestead was a distraction, nothing more, I firmly told myself over and over. Our land holdings increased to an impressive degree. We amassed a fine collection of “gold,” the planet’s currency, comparable in some ways to Interstellar Kredits, and set about to using the gold to increase our profits, and bribe other groups for information. With any luck, someone would know how we got here– and how to get back.

Having mentioned a portion of a trading plan to our group’s “leader,” Winet had been… well, someone else would have been horrified, Winet was just irritated… to find out that the plan had been bastardized to such a degree that it gained the group’s leader all the benefits we’d hoped for… but our little homestead was left vulnerable. In fact, the leader had gone so far as to pledge us into servitude to the group we’d fervently hope to trade with. This set-back impacted all of our long-term plans, surely, but worse, it removed what little sense of freedom we had worked to achieve. Neither Winet nor myself are strangers to negotiations, bargains, and self-sacrifice. The very idea that we had to ask an enemy’s permission to trade, however, and deliver our hard-earned goods to them for the privilege, was simply too much to bear. We left our group of “friends,” and the bid good riddance to the betrayer.

Within days, Winet concluded his own deal with the hostile faction. We worked harder than ever, having to overcome the little “off the top” that was needed to bribe our way past certain guards. Then, one day, he was gone.

I did not panic, at first. I am not, after all, his keeper, and we both appreciate a little time apart to pursue different interests. I checked his houses- he’d paid up the property taxes. Reassured, I knew he meant to be gone a length of time, then, and would return.

As the demolition dates for his properties grew closer, however, I grew alarmed. He should have been back by now. He would not have left me alone, incapable of managing our goals. This conclusion forced me to realize that I *could* manage them, albeit more slowly than he would have. He’s ever had more faith in me than I have in myself.

I set about to prepare for the demolitions, and, when the time came, I claimed the lands again. Soon after his disappearance, it was all I could do to keep and maintain the land, and could spare no extra time or effort into pursuing the original goal– to get off the planet. Bit by bit, though, fortified by Winet’s faith in me, I did a little trading. Then a little more, and a little more. I reached out to known allies and hostiles alike.

The trade agreement Winet had achieved worked for a while, but then fell through when the negotiator left– I asked around, and he had disappeared, just as Winet had. The pact’s failure led to my first crippling losses. I was forced to re-organize, scale back, and re-think the mission and plan.

With no way off this heap of dirt, at least for now, mind-numbing hard work keeps my mind off of my other crippling loss- Winet himself. He would not leave alone me on this Emperor-forsaken planet, had he a choice. I refuse to believe he has perished– like capsuleers, the denizens of this planet are reborn. I believe he has either found a way off, or was fetched back by whoever left him here. This means, to me, that my own way off will be by doing as he had done. To that end, I intend to finish what he started.

I am a builder, and a thinker. I am SMA.

Polrena’s Adventures

Polrena’s Adventures, Chapter 1

          “Incompetent” could hardly begin to describe the colossal failure of my clone download. This was sabotage.
          I had been in a spaceship. MY spaceship. But I can't recall which ship, or which system I was in, or which battle loomed in front of my team. Was it Fountain? Or were we headed to cause a distraction on the other side of the region?
          I don't remember exactly where I was before the blunder of some far off clone tech deprived me of not only everything I knew and loved, but my very identity itself.
          My life had been spent as a Caldari pilot, a capsuleer of New Eden, a devoted and loyal member of the Spacemonkey's Alliance. I flew haulers and interceptors, jump freighters and battleships. I built capital ships, supercapitals, titans. Then one day, it was gone. No, not just gone. Ripped from me. I can only begin to imagine what happened, some poorly trained technician-- or a frightened enemy – tampered with one of my medical clones. That's the only explanation that makes any sense. When the pod carrying my body was destroyed, the destruction of my pod SHOULD have triggered one of my authorized clones' downloads, enabling me to wake, consciousness intact, in a new body. A new body, but the exact same form I had been using for decades.
          I did not come to consciousness in a sanitary, sterile medical bay, deep within my comforting, pre-designated space station. The sounds of electronic equipment, the hum of the ventilation system, the hushed murmurs of medical technicians' voices did not welcome me back to Fade. I did not wake with recognition of my surroundings at all.
          I woke upon land. Honest-to-god dirt beneath my filthy new body. A strange new body. I did not feel comfortable in my skin. For one thing, I had fur. It was sized differently—taller, bulkier. My new muscles protested as I stood up, and reacted awkwardly to my wishes. Something uncomfortably foreign tickled between my legs. Even my mouth felt strange; the teeth fit together oddly. Around me, there were trees. Green, growing things on the ground, and sounds I could not begin to place. As though a pack of Fedos were crying somewhere in the distance. Everywhere, from all directions at once.
          My heart raced in panic. I must be planet-side somewhere, but where, and why? How did my consciousness get downloaded into a different body, and how did it get here? Detecting no immediate threat in my surrounding area-- barring the strange, far-off noises-- I tried to calm the thumping in my chest by breathing deeply and slowly, gathering what wits I had left.
          Sabotage seemed the only possibility. The data that comprised my sense of self, my memories and thought patterns, must have been either transported or intercepted, and downloaded into this strange new, furry form. There were no medical facilities near me. No technology at all within visible range. Therefor, I must have been transported dirt-side after the body switch. The “why” resolved itself for me from this deduction; even if I managed to get off this rock, I would have no Interstellar Kredits waiting for me in an account attached to this body. In a different form, I would have no credentials, no reputation. None of my friends would recognize me, nor would they believe me if I tried to explain. I was no one.
          A capsuleer is effectively immortal. Everyone knows that. He'd think I abandoned him. Refusing to contemplate that I might not see him again, I tried to force my mind to shut off that line of thinking.
          Winet. Oh god, Winet.