Update 01.088 – UI Transparency, Rotating Sun and Voxel Support


Space Engineers Update 01.088 has been released with UI transparency, rotating sun and voxel support.

The option to set the transparency of your UI has been added (under “Game” tab in “Options” menu). We’ve also added the option to set sun rotation (in world settings). The minimum value is 1 minute and the maximum is 24 hours. Additionally, we’ve implemented the voxel support for grids. When the option is enabled, any static grid which isn’t attached to a voxel will become dynamic. Another implemented option is to disable the jet-pack usage in the world, so the player will not have a jet-pack at all. Also players can choose not to have tools in their inventory when they spawn in the world. All options are listed under “world” settings and are applicable for both scenarios and classic worlds. Lastly, projected blueprints can now inherit ownership from the projector itself. Corresponding check-box has to be checked for this feature to work. This feature is available only for the scenario edit mode.

– UI transparency (community feature by mexmer)
– world option: sun rotation
– world option: voxel support for grid
– world option: disable jetpack
– world option: spawning without tools
– projected blueprint can now inherit ownership from projector

– fixed issue with invite via Steam
– fixed welders causing lags (still WIP) (community fix: yajiedesign)
– fixed crash in Havok
– fixed crash when changing hostility settings
– fixed welder model
– fixed issue with projector turning welded blocks off
– fixed issues with multiple mods upgrading the same value
– fixed oxygen generator auto-refill synchronization (community fix: mexmer)
– fixed welder help others synchronization (community fix: mexmer)
– fixed warhead projection explosion

EDIT 06/26/2015:
Update 01.088.012
– fixed with sensor switching on/off
– fixed solar panels and oxygen farm working in dark environment
– fixed HUD not showing properly
– fixed turrets not targeting enemy blocks
– fixed loading of some worlds

Source : http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/update-01-088-ui-transparency-rotating-sun-voxel-support.7362861/



Update 01.085 – Improved Ship Navigation And Docking


Space Engineers Update 01.085 has been released with improved ship navigation and docking.

The ship navigation and autopilot options have been improved. Players can now assign up to 9 actions for one waypoint. Also the actions can be assigned in patrol and circle mode. Moreover, there is a new option to reset the waypoints. Once the ship reaches its destination it is possible to press reset and the autopilot will start again from the original waypoint.
Lastly, we have added the option to remove voxels by using the terrain auto-level voxel-hand tool.

– improved ship navigation
– added the erasing functionality to terrain auto level voxel hand
– example workshop worlds with docking procedures:

– fixed character moves uncontrollably while in jet-pack (aka death when exiting cockpit)
– fixed autopilot overriding overridden thrusters
– fixed “No Share” prevents faction members from reading text when faction read/write enabled
– fixed beacon light visible when it should not be
– fixed asteroid invisible during pasting
– fixed character has wrong light when turning lights on helmet

Community updates (github contributions)
– added 2 decimal places to Oxygen Tank capacity (by Geneticus)
– introduced a base class for programmable block programs (by LordDevious)
– added modapi laserantenna interface (by mexmer)
– fixed check for DX11 support (by mexmer)
– fixed single and multiline textboxes (by LordDevious)
– fixed helmet toggle notifications not being overwritten (by THDigi)
– laser antenna LoS requirement is checked at all LoS checks (by Phoenix84)
– terminalproperty bool value (by mexmer)
– add projector only show can build (by yajiedesign)
– fixed memory leaks (by RossM)

Source : http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/update-01-085-improved-ship-navigation-docking.7361477/



Update 01.083 – Ship Waypoints And GPS Sorting


Space Engineers Update 01.083 has been released with ship waypoints and GPS sorting.

Auto-pilot for ships (or ship waypoints) has been added. The auto-pilot will work only when you have a Remote Control block on your ship. It will follow the GPS coordinates that has been added to the Remote control’s list. There are currently 3 modes in which the ships will follow the waypoints: Patrol, Circle and One Way. Lastly, GPS sorting by name has been added to the game.

– Ship waypoints (auto-pilot)
– GPS sorting by name

– fixed memory leak while mining
– fixed assembler not disassembling full oxygen bottles (community fix: Vxsote)
– fixed projector duplicating items (community fix: Vxsote)
– fixed airtight hangar door looping sound (community fix: Eikester)
– fixed sensor max range missing (community fix: KionX)
– fixed projector state incorrectly shown in terminal (community fix: MMaster)
– fixed button markers not hiding when the character looks away from the button
– fixed missing bullet impacts on metal
– fixed rifle not returning Weapon in IMyGunBaseUser
– fixed issue with pasting by using just CTRL
– fixed sorter blocks filters scrap metal as ingots and ore
– fixed camera issue inside character’s body in tight places
– fixed infinite limbs on character model
– fixed issue with blueprints not showing on the screen when script was used
– fixed issue with clearing the control panel search
– fixed mount points on sound block

Source : http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/update-01-083-ship-waypoints-gps-sorting.7360266/