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The Space Monkey Diplomatic Office seeks to raise the level of discourse and communication within our Alliance.  We hold our office to standards that make us efficient, helpful, well-spoken, informed, and relevant to all Monkeys regardless of their place in the Chain of Command; all the while representing the interests of The Executor as we serve at his pleasure.

The members of the Diplomatic Office also serve to secure the membership of the Alliance as a whole from threats both within and without. Thus, our eyes and our ears are open to the words and actions of the world at large.

At all times we speak the gospel of our Alliance, and, if necessary, we use words.



Ralos Emiris

Head Diplomat

Nekro Elder's

Deputy Diplomat

Karasu Kado

Deputy Diplomat

Helen Sotken

Chief of Operations


Sr. Diplomat of Operations

Sen Olgidar

Sr. Diplomat of Operations

Picard Naari

Sr.  Diplomat of Instruction

Kai Thellere

Sr.  Diplomat of Operations

Lady Ati

Sr. Diplomat of Recruitment

Weylin Ormand

Jr. Diplomat

Fred T Fische

Jr. Diplomat

Fomol620 BrewGuard

Jr. Diplomat

Rayne Beldruf

Jr.  Diplomat

Nikki Love

Jr. Diplomat

Erica Cypress

Jr.  Diplomat


Jr. Diplomat

Rocket Stedman

Jr. Diplomat

thormart101 Thiesant

Jr. Diplomat


Jr.  Diplomat

Redemption Anetto

Jr. Diplomat

Tackly Tackleson

Jr. Diplomat