Welcome Capsuleer to our community!

You have the opportunity to participate in one of Eve Online’s strongest alliances - The SpaceMonkey's Alliance (SMA). We are an alliance which currently houses 63 corporations varying in many talents. We are currently located in Nul Sec - Fade, in which we are able to offer member corporations use of many facilities. One of the highlights for many players is the cross alliance fleets in which we move tactical operations, players participating in such fleets range from newbies right up to the skilled veterans - Everyone is able to participate.  The SMA community is more than an EVE alliance. We are an extremely well organized and adaptive group consisting of members from all walks of life across the world. SMA is unique in offering a place in EVE where Military and Industry thrive in a true nullsec environment. There are many things happening right now in EVE that will change the game forever. Many alliances are folding under these changes; SMA is not one of them. We represent a Military and Industrial powerhouse in the new Imperium. Our culture is made strong by a diverse mix of corporations and an emphasis on maintaining a welcoming community, where friendships between players develop through other games and real-life meetups. We are new-player friendly and have in game and out of game infrastructure that is rivaled only by the collective might of the Imperium itself.

“We are the thinkers, the builders. We are the strength and the conviction. We are the shield and the sword. Defenders of the north and the aggressors of those that would bring harm to our own."

Long live the fighters of SMA, and long live the Imperium.