Contact one of our courteous Diplomats.

In Eve join monkey_public and express a desire to meet with a diplomat.

Once contact is made, what to expect


First, our diplomats will try to work with you to see how you will fit into our community and how our community can assist you.  They will be curious of a few things that if you have available it will speed the process.

  • How would you describe your corporation's focus?  Is it combat, industrial, PvE, or perhaps a hybrid of all three? 

  • How many heartbeats (real-life people playing EVE) does your corporation currently have?

  • What experiences have you had in Eve during the history of your corporation?

  • Where are you currently located and will you need assistance moving should you choose to join our alliance?

  • How active are your members currently?  Does the prospect of moving to Null Sec concern any, and if so how can we help calm those fears?

After the initial conversation with a diplomat we would like to invite you to our TeamSpeak server for a proper conversation where we can address any concerns you might have and share what our alliance can do for you.