You will have to excuse me as i continue to call it the Australian Timezone. In recent weeks/months it was pointed out to me that it has progressed passed the point of just being for capsuleers who identify as being from the land down under. I can see why it might upset people who come from New Zealand or the Islands and even from some of the Asian islands that fall into a close timeframe as the Aussies do. Coupled with some parts or Russia the timezone itself if looked after and catered for can be quite a powerful entity in any Eve Online Community

It was pointed out to me and i scoffed at the idea not so long ago that Hawaii is also fairly close in time as long as you don’t mind being a day behind the rest of us in the future.

Either way the Australian, sorry Oceanic Time Zone in SMA is starting to thrive. We are taking on more corps with members who play in the dead hours of the US TZ and the early hours of the EU TZ.

Dingo Squad is a specific sig in SMA that has built its its community around capsuleers who play in the same TZ and have the ability and want to communicate with each other. Forming fleets before and after downtime to enable people to have fun while the rest of the world sleeps. They can quite often be seen camping gates in Fade, Pure blind and Cloud Ring regions of New Eden or dropping capital ships on unsuspecting neutral or red pilots as they fly through those regions.

If you play in the Oceanic (Australian) Time Zone and looking for content then look no further then Dingo Squad. You can speak to;

AITCH dylanstar12 Erata,
AITCH Daniel Tawate,
HOTDM Helen Sotken,
MINI3 Marshall Boma.

If you are a new or returning player looking for an Australian (Oceanic) TZ base of members you can try one of the following corps;

House of the Dead Monkey,
Internet Terrorists,
Minion Revolution,
Astro technologies.

Get involved in the Oceanic Timezone Community and reap the rewards of being part of a close tight knit group of people.

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