You and your corp mates could be a perfect fit!

What it takes to join and thrive with SMA!

Information for interested corporations


Every corporation within SMA is, at a minimum, expected to:

  • Have a CEO and at least one XO (director) as representatives within a small group round table setting with a handful of other CEO's/XO's as well as specific members of the diplomat team who will be your specific points of contact for any assistance or questions.

  • Have 25 heartbeats (real-life people playing EVE)

  • Have 100% of their members' (including alts)' APIs registered through the forums, this prevents old but still active APIs from being used against you, your corp, and your alliance.

  • Live in SMA space (Fade, parts of Cloud Ring and Pure Blind)

  • Participate within the Alliance. This includes:

    • Alliance professions of Industry and/or PvP

    • Alliance Officer positions

A lot of these expectations have lower thresholds that are ok too, but incur an increase in taxation percentage, as an incentive to make you a more successful corp.

If you don't currently fit these criteria, that's ok! Our alliance motto is "Strong pilots make for strong Corporations. Strong Corporations make for a Strong Alliance." We want to see our corporations grow strong, and are eager to help your corp grow strong as well. Getting the ball rolling is as simple as joining "monkey_public" in game and striking up a conversation with an SMA diplomat.


"My corp can meet these requirements, now what?"