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After you are accepted, find all the toys!


Your CEO will need to work with their assigned diplomatic liaisons to ensure they are comfortable with the tools used to help build your corporation and monitor your activity.  Through all of these steps if you need assistance there are diplomats that will be happy to assist you.

  • Each member of the corporation will need to create one ESA account and add the API info of their main and any alt accounts they may have.

  • Once that is done they will have access to our member forums.

  • All members will need to set up their TeamSpeak account.

Now, simply sit back and enjoy being a member of one of the most exciting alliances in all of Eve.  We encourage all your pilots to take advantage of our basic training program so that when we fly in fleets we are familiar with the commands issued by the Fleet Commander.  Beyond that we have many departments that you can become a part of to express your enjoyment of the game.  Fun is contagious, so let's create an epidemic!  

"Welcome to the community, there will be cake!"



Getting setup on SMA services is quick and easy!


Alliance TeamSpeak: 

SMA uses a TS3 server for voice communications. Every corporation has their own TS channel and 1 sub channel. New members to SMA should start by clicking the "SMA TS3 logo" to the right after installing Team Speak 3. If you need a link to download TS3 you can find it "HERE".  You may need to allow your browser to open Team Speak. Select "bookmark and connect"

Password is: superman

Alliance ESA (API auth System)

SMA uses an ESA authentication to register members on our services. This will give you access to our Forums, Jabber and the EVE sections of TS3. This is not the most difficult thing to set up. However it is were most people screw up via not reading the instructions. Each member only create "ONE" ESA account. You will add all your APIs to the "ONE" account. Be sure to use a real email that you have access to during the registration. After you have created your accounts It's important that you add all of your APIs to your account as shown bellow. Your corps taxes and eligibility are affected by your groups total API coverage. CEOs do not forget to place your corporate API on your account or you will not have access to CEO tools within the AUTH system. (Its also a requirement.)


Activate Services in the ESA

Now that you have added all of your APIs to your AUTH account we need to select your primary Character can activate all of your services.



Now that we have selected a primary Character lets activate TeamSpeak 3 and get you access to the private sections of the server. Select Activate in the TeamSpeak section of third party services. Follow the instructions. Be sure to change your name in TS so that it matches the user name the ESA has given you exactly. Than simply click "Register Me"

Please Note: If it doesn't work than you typed your name wrong or have spaces were they shouldn't be. Fix it and try again.



At this point the ESA will start assigning automatic groups to CEOs and directors and capital groups to those meeting the requirements.  The sever should also auto create your corp channel in TS. You will also have member access to our forums found "HERE" using your login information used when registering on the ESA. Lets take a moment to set up your Jabber. Select Activate in the Jabber section of third party services. Follow the instructions.




Congratulations Monkey! You are now ready to use alliance services. If you need help ask a diplo for assistance.