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Who We Are
What We Do

Strong pilots make for strong Corporations. Strong Corporations make for a Strong Alliance.

40 years ago a crack team of commandos were assigned.... blah blah blah...the A-TEAM!

These founding corporations...
Fyght Club
Impulse Continuum

...agree to the following terms and conditions of this Alliance and the maintenance of the Space Monkey’s community.


All corps will defend each others assets.
All corps will use out-of-game voice communication systems such as TeamSpeak or Mumble.
All corps will rally in the event of a Strategic Operation (StratOp).
SMA recognizes Industry and PvP as professions in the Alliance.
SMA will be led by Alliance Directors and Alliance Officers.
Leadership positions will be made available equally to all members with the required skills.
Alliance Directors will delegate tasks in order to achieve Alliance goals.

All members will respect each other to the extent that the internet will truthfully, faithfully, and thoroughly allow.
The prosperity of the group as a whole before the prosperity of the few.
No pilot is to be left behind.
No matter what the situation the community must survive as a whole.