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What We Do
Where We Came From

Long live the fighters!

Our Motto: Strong pilots make for strong Corporations. Strong Corporations make for a Strong Alliance.

This is more than just a collection of words it is the foundation of our community. By helping member corporations strengthen their membership, both in number and in skills, the alliance in turn grows stronger. To do this SMA provides opportunities to work with our experienced departments that cover all aspects of the game. From combat, to industry, to diplomacy, all the departments are designed to help members sharpen their skills and make for the strongest individual as a part of our community. As those members earn their way up the chain of command they find new challenges to overcome as they apply their increased skills. Obviously our community is newbro friendly and we are excited to see those that join our community grow stronger with each new lesson learned. By helping our newest members today we are supporting the future of our community.

The structure of our leadership encourages any member from our ranks to aspire for entry to the highest levels of alliance administration. As you discover the part of the game you enjoy the most you will also find a suitable alliance office that reflects your interests. We have some members that simply want to remain in the rank and file of our alliance military or a cog in the industrial machine. The amount of investment you put into the game is always up to you. We encourage you to enjoy the game and strive to achieve your goals while helping strengthen our community. Many of our current directors were at one time line members of new corporations to join our growing community.